Best Lock for your home: Abloy Protec 2 High Security Deadbolt, My Favourite Lock

Best Lock for your home: Abloy Protec 2 High Security Deadbolt, my Favourite Lock.


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Why do I have an Abloy Deadbolt protecting my house? I train Locksmiths, Military, Police and Government agencies convert and overt methods of entry. The one Deadbolt on the market that has “no known convert” methods of entry and what I consider not only “pick resistant” but “pick proof” is Abloy Protec 2 Deadbolts.

If the I get locked out I know that it will not be an easy job gaining access through my Abloy deadbolt. Most deadbolts and High Security deadbolts can be drilled open is seconds or minutes. I know that I or anybody will be spending alot of time, effort and money trying to destroy my Abloy deadbolt.

The face of the deadbolt has hardened steel and will chew up a dozen expensive drill bits I use to open safes.

Note: most safes are opened with one drill bit.


Abloy Protec 2 Deadbolt

I have reinforced my door with a Mag Plate that doubles the strength of the door and I have have reinforced the door frame with an 18″ strike with 4″ screws attaching it to the door frame making the door and frame more difficult to force or kick open.

Bottom Line: I want to protect my family, my home and my stuff and I sleep better and go to work or vacation knowing I have the best lock, Alboy deadbolt installed on my doors.

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