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Mr. Locksmith is an Abloy Protec Authorized Dealer.

Why do I have an Abloy Deadbolt protecting my house? I train Locksmiths, Military, Police and Government agencies convert and overt methods of entry. The one Deadbolt on the market that has “no known convert” methods of entry and what I consider not only “pick resistant” but “pick proof” is Abloy Protec 2 Deadbolts.

If the I get locked out I know that it will not be an easy job gaining access through my Aboly deadbolt. Most deadbolts and High Security deadbolts can be drilled open is seconds or minutes. I know that I or anybody will be spending alot of time, effort and money trying to destroy my Abloy deadbolt.

The face of the deadbolt has hardened steel and will chew up a dozen expensive drill bits I use to open safes.

Note: most safes are opened with one drill bit.

I have reinforced my door with a Mag Plate that doubles the strength of the door and I have have reinforced the door frame with an 18″ strike with 4″ screws attaching it to the door frame making the door and frame more difficult to force or kick open.

Bottom Line: I want to protect my family, my home and my stuff and I sleep better and go to work or vacation knowing I have the best lock, Alboy deadbolt installed on my doors.

Mr. Locksmith™ is an ABLOY® Protec Authorized Dealer. For further information on Hands-on and On-Line Locksmith training and our famous “Dumb Key Force Tool” go to http://mrlocksmithtraining.com/

In keeping with our tradition of offering the highest level of security to commercial and residential locations, Mr. Locksmith™ is an authorized Canada dealer for ABLOY® Protec locking systems.
A single cylinder deadbolt assembly includes a keyed cylinder for the outside of the door, a thumbturn for the inside, key/keys (as is applicable for the specific lock type), and the bolt, door hardware and screws needed for installation.

Abloy Deadbolt
– ANSI Grade 1 (highest grade) rated deadbolt for extreme physical attack resistance
– Case hardened steel body and hardened steel cylinder provide maximum resistance to drilling
– High Security H2X extreme 2″ hardened bolt can withstand 2 tons of force
– 1/4″(6mm) thick hardened steel retaining screws to stop prying
– Hardened steel bolt shield to stop ice pick attacks
– Reinforced steel strike box with 2″ anchor screws
– Solid rotating collar so wrenches and pliers just slide off


Abloy Protec 2 Authorized Dealer

Abloy Protec 2 Authorized Dealer

For additional security and to avoid prying you may want to consider the Expanding Bolt for Abloy Locks. This bolt features a unique double ball bearing system in the end of the bolt that locks into a reinforced strikebox so that even if the door is attacked or pried the bolt will not be able to come out of the strikebox without being unlocked. It does not require any special modifications to either your door or your door frame. We also offer door frame and door reinforcers.


Abloy is one of the most reputable high security lock manufacturers in the world. Abloy is based out of Finland and their current top of the line lock system is the Abloy Protec/Protec 2 system. The Abloy Protec system came out in 2001 and features a unique rotating disk based system with a disk blocking anti pick system that is unique to them. It is completely bump proof and extremely pick resistant (no known picking attacks have been successful). It is well respected as one of the top of the line high security locks in the world. It has one of the largest key spaces of any high security system with over 2 billion possible keys. Virtually all Abloy locks can be keyed to work with the same set of keys. The Abloy Protec 2 was introduced in December of 2012 and it makes some refinements to the Abloy Protec system. The primary features include minor additional drill resistance, harder to copy keys with an interactive element and an extended patent through 2031.

Key Profile / System

Abloy currently has two different systems of locks the Abloy Protec2 and the Abloy Protec.  The key profile of a lock primarily is an issue of key control.  Legally no Abloy dealer other than the dealer who originally issued the keys (or the Factory) can cut more keys.  Mr. Locksmith has an Exclusive key profile that is only issued to us, which removes the option for another Abloy dealer to duplicate your Abloy key as they do not have access to the key blanks.  The Abloy Protec 2 is a very secure level of key control giving peace of mind .   Having an exclusive key profile can also be useful if an eventual attack against the Abloy Protec is found.

Keyed Alike / Master Keying

Master Keying and Keying Alike are both services we are happy to offer. We are able to key your locks alike (to the same key) during ordering at no cost.  We can also master key your locks starting at $25+ per cylinder.  Keyed alike means that if you order two padlocks and a deadbolt from us we can key them all to operate on the same key.  It is important to note that when keying alike you do not get more keys for each lock you order, just the initial lock’s number of keys.  This means no matter if you order 2 or 5 padlocks keyed alike, you will only get 2 keys total.  If you require additional keys just order extra keys.  There is no additional charge for keying alike.  Master keying can allow you to allow some keys to open some locks and other keys to open all locks.

To order your Abloy deadbolts today call Mr. Locksmith™ 1-604-239-0755


To order your Abloy deadbolts today call Mr. Locksmith™ 1-604-239-0755

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