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Rekeying Locks is less expensive than replacing your locks with new. If you have recently moved into a new apartment, house or office, we would highly recommend rekeying locks or changing all your door locks. The reason is very simple; many people might have the key to your new home or business: tradesmen, friends of the previous owner, previous tenants, etc. Why put your security in their hands? Get the peace of mind you deserve! Call Mr. Locksmith Burnaby(604) 239-0755.

You have two options to choose from:

Rekeying Locks BurnabyRekeying Locks

Rekeying locks is the process of modifying a lock so that a different key can operate it while the old one will not. Rekeying is done by changing the configuration inside the lock. The nice thing about rekeying is that it can be done without replacing the lock itself which makes it a more affordable solution.

Mr Locksmith Burnaby can Rekey the following types of Locks

  • Deadbolt
  • Cylinder lock
  • High Security Cylinder lock
  • Automotive Locks

Changing Locks BurnabyChanging Locks

If the locks are old and rusty, stiff and hard to use, or maybe lower security grade than you would wish, you should consider upgrading your locks. Mr. Locksmith Burnaby will remove your old lock and install a brand new one. This might be more expensive than simply rekeying locks but it gives you the chance to have the locks you choose and upgrade by using stronger and safer locks such as high security deadbolts.

Whichever you choose, Mr Locksmith Burnaby is here to help. We have over 30 years’ and four generations of locksmith experience. So we can provide the best service possible.

Need help deciding which solution is best? Call Mr. Locksmith Burnaby at (604) 239-0755.

Rekeying Locks: How to Re-key a Schlage Deadbolt | Mr. Locksmith Video.

One of my favourite deadbolts is the Schlage B660 Deadbolt. It is a commercial grade deadbolt common in hospitals and schools and a great deadbolt for residential. Several options for keyways ranging from the popular Classic SC1 keyway to the new C129 and the High Security Primus (rated UL 437, pick resistant and drill resistant). Keyway selection is almost unlimited.
Most people think that when you lose or misplace your house keys, you need to replace the lock. Missing keys can jeopardize the safety of your home. We see horror stories all the time about people using missing or stolen keys to gain access to people’s homes — endangering the contents inside, as well as the people. Even if you just lone your key to someone else, they could make a copy before they return it to you (this happens a lot!). Because of this, we always recommend that you address the problem of missing house keys before it is too late.

Missing keys jeopardize the security of your home, however; this does not mean that you need to replace the door lock — instead, save yourself a lot of time and money by having your lock rekeyed. Almost all deadbolts, handle sets, and door locks are able to be rekeyed. A typical rekeying locks costs around $100 while replacing the door lock can range between $250-$500.

A rekey is when the internal mechanism of the lock is rearranged or recoded to match a new set of keys. This is basic security work and every locksmith should be able to do this quickly and affordable. A rekey means that the old keys, including the missing or stolen keys, no longer operate the lock, and a new set of keys will. This is the most efficient way to secure your home.

Door locks typically have 5-6 pins inside the cylinder which align with the key to create a sheer line, allowing the cylinder to spin and draw the latch. During the rekeying locks process, those pins are recoded to match a new key. When Mr. Locksmith rekeys your door locks, we give you 5 free keys, and we always guarantee the old keys no longer operate the lock.

We recommend rekeying your locks every time a key is lost, stolen, loaned out, or goes missing. This is the most effective way to ensure that someone doesn’t have access to your home.


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Burnaby, BC

My boyfriend and I had the pleasure of meeting Micheal Lee, who happens to be the franchise owner of the Burnaby location. He was punctual and very professional. He came on such short notice with all of his tools and a HUGE smile. He took the time to educate us on our locks and inform us of what we should look for, should we choose to upgrade our locks in the future. He was quick and efficient and the coolest locksmith around. 🙂 I will definitely contact him in the future.

Burnaby, BC

Don't waste your time. Call him before you call anyone else! He was able to get to my location in 20mins. He also got my keys out of my car in 5mins, even thought it was difficult. Lastly he was understanding and professional when I called him a night to help me get my keys from my car.

Burnaby, BC

We had to install push bar door and it was done within 10-15 mins!!! Was incredibly fast and young man was friendly and cheerful! Positive environment!

Burnaby, BC

Nick from Mr. Locksmith Burnaby came right away when called on a Monday at 4pm with our issue. We needed a security upgrade and Nick made great recommendations (my husband knew what we wanted - double-locking deadbolt, etc.) and though Nick didn't have the items on hand (they were a bit higher end than most customers put in) he came back the next day exactly on schedule with what we needed and did the installations. Mobile credit card payment too. Glad we caled Mr.Locksmith Burnaby!

Burnaby, BC

Michael Lee provided me with excellent information in regards to securing my home with high quality deadbolt locks, which I in turn purchased and I would highly recommend him to my family, friends and business colleagues.

Burnaby, BC

These guys are awesome. Our doorknob lock mechanism was jammed and I was locked out of the house - and now late for an appointment.

Michael came promptly over, worked quickly and efficiently to replace with a new doorknob and charged a really reasonable rate. Super friendly and knowledgeable. Search no more - Michael is your man.

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