Replace Remote Car Key Battery Honda Civic 2008

Replace Remote Car Key Battery Honda Civic 2008: Honda Civic is one of the most popular cars sold in North America. To Replace Honda Civic Key Battery on the 2008 Honda Civic with a remote head key you have to use a small Phillips screwdriver to remove the tiny screw, don’t lose it. Use a flathead screwdriver and give it just to a little twist and turn.

Replace Remote Car Key Battery Honda Civic 2008

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How to Replace Honda Civic 2008 Remote Car key battery | Mr. Locksmith™

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Remove the battery. Just do everything gentle, gentle, you do not have to be brutal. It actually looks harder than it is, that actually just kind of, just gotta be careful take your time. We are going to replace the CR1616 battery three-volt lithium.

Dispose of the battery in a recycled bin, not into the garbage.

Replace Honda Civic Key Battery

  • Before you remove the battery, note which side faces up (+ or -). You should install your replacement in the same way.

1 – Remove the battery.
2 – Your key may contain either a CR1616 or CR1620 battery. In some cases, either type will work, but for best results, replace it with the same kind of battery that originally came with your key.
3 – Install your matching new battery in the same orientation as the original.
4 – Place the two halves of the remote cover back together.
5 – Press the unlock or lock buttons to make sure the remote is working.
6 – Place the screw into the hole and tighten with a Phillips #0 screwdriver.

Panasonic CR1616 3V Coin Cell Lithium Battery, Retail Pack of 2
Energizer CR1616 3V Lithium Battery -Pack of 5
Duracell – 1616 3V Lithium Coin Battery – long-lasting battery – 1 count

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Replace Honda Civic Key Battery Mr. Locksmith Burnaby

Replace Honda Civic Key Battery Mr. Locksmith Burnaby