Fast Facts Auto Book for Locksmiths | Mr. Locksmith Automotive Training

Fast Facts Auto Book for Locksmiths | Mr. Locksmith Automotive Training

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One of my go-to books for making keys to cars and motorcycles is “2015 Edition FAST FACTS — 1965-2015 Auto’s and Cycles” by Robert G Sieveking from Sieveking Products Company. This is a great book. This is the 2015 version. Every two years, a new updated version comes out.

This is my go-to fast book when I’m talking to customers when I’m going out to the job, it has most if not all of the domestic automotive, five-ton trucks, highway trucks, and it also has extensive motorcycles. This is a fantastic book, I highly recommend it.

The “Helps Section” gives pointers and many specific transponder programming procedures that have been tested and proven in actual use. GM VATS system information, key progressions and special notes on a number of autos give you the benefit of nearly 40 years of “on the road” experience. The motorcycle index is the largest listing of 2-wheeled vehicles anywhere.

Fast Facts™ is the premier Locksmiths reference to foreign & domestic auto and motorcycle keys. Fast Facts™ is an encyclopedic listing of cars and motorcycles found in the North American Market from 1965 to present. In its 11th Edition (2010-15) the fast Facts™ book is a “Must-Have” item for all locksmiths that make keys for autos and motorcycles. Much expanded for 2015. There are now over 200 motorcycle key plates and 638 auto key plates. Many new or changed transponder Facts. The Index lists 3761 autos and over 1400 motorcycles.
Exclusive “Lay Flat” plastic spiral bound Desk Size is easier to use. When open, the book will not close like perfect bound books will do.
Fast Facts™ presents a Clear, Concise and Fully Indexed key making guide for autos and motorcycles. The NEW expanded motorcycle model index lists over 1400 motorcycle models, plus an additional 15 pages of Chinese and Korean motorcycles, scooters and handicap electric motorized chairs. Everything is at your fingertips. Fast Facts™ is clearly illustrated and fully indexed. Fast Facts contains more information than any other publication of its kind.


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