Most Popular Mr. Locksmith Emergency Call: Locked Out of Bedroom!

Most Popular Mr. Locksmith Emergency Call: Locked Out of Bedroom!

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The customer was locked out of her bedroom in Surrey and had some help from well-meaning friends who attempted to open the lock key-in-knob lock. However, in the process of opening the door they destroyed the lock and damaged the door.

Mr. Locksmtih was able to install a Door Reinforcer / Mag Plate that covered the damaged door and replaced the broken lock with a new key-in-knob lock. She did not have to replace the door.

She now knows in the future to call Mr. Locksmith Mobile Emergency service we would have picked the lock open with no damage to the lock or door.

Mr. Locksmith is a BC Government Licensed Locksmith.


Mr. Locksmith Bedroom Lock destroyed by customer


Door repaired with a Door Reinforcer Plate and new lock




Hi, I’m Terry from Mr. LockSmith. We are a BC government-licensed locksmith company. All of our Mr. LockSmith locksmiths have been criminal records checks, nobody has a criminal record. We are licensed, insured and bonded. We’re BC government licensed. A huge problem in the Lower Mainland is the scammer locksmiths. They’re unlicensed, they’re advertising mostly in Google AdWords, they say $15 or $25, they will do the service call. No reputable locksmith will come out for $15 and do your re-key or do your lockout. The scammers end up charging you hundreds of dollars, they will rip you off, a lot of times they will do cash only, and you have no idea who came to your house and did your job. Usually they come two of them, and they intimidate you into paying you cash.

Recently in the Lower Mainland, they got the customer, they did the re-key, they got the customer, they drove them to their bank so they could get cash, why the customer was inside at the ATM, they drove back to the house, with the key now, opened up the house and ripped off lots of stuff outta their house. So again, don’t trust these $15, $25 unlicensed locksmiths.

Mr. LockSmith is a reputable BC government licensed and insured locksmith company. All of our locksmiths have had criminal record checks, and nobody has a criminal record. We take Visa, Mastercard, or cash. Our machines always work, they’re never down, you don’t have to run to your bank. Don’t trust these 15 or 25 dollar unlicensed locksmiths, they will rip you off.