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Best Cordless Drill for Locksmiths | Mr. Locksmith Video. Go to to learn more.

For 24hr mobile locksmith work I like the MILWAUKEE M18 Cordless Fuel Lithium-Ion 1/2″ Drill. It has 750 in-lbs of torque. The 1/2″ all-metal, single-sleeve chuck with carbide jaws has maximum grip to hold your drill bits for high-torque applications. Other brands of cordless drills I have used don’t hold the drill bit securely and the drill bit spins. However, I have found Milwaukee jaws to hold my drill bits and not spin. You will need everything perfect in your drill when you have to drill a High Security lock. (drill bits and drilling High Security locks is another video).

The Milwaukee battery displays how much power is remaining in the battery pack. I have never ran out of battery juice installing a lock on metal or wood door or drilling a faulty lock but I always have a backup battery in my kit just in case. Milwaukee states the Lithium-Ion Battery provides up to 2X more runtime than 18-volt batteries.

I like Milwaukee cordless drills. Sooner or later all my cordless drills break (internal gears wear out) so I carry a spare, and lots of batteries, in my service truck. So far I have not broken this drill. If I do break a cordless drill, (and sooner or later I will) I have never had a problem getting the drill fixed under warranty and I get a loaner too. (Note: depends on where you buy your tools and warranty). The battery is great too and I can charge my 12 volt Milwaukee batteries too.

In conclusion, when a lock has to be drilled, good quality sharp drill bits and a good cordless drill is mandatory for your tool kit. Also, I carry a spare cordless just in case. I like the Milwaukee M18 Fuel. 10 out of 10

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