Best Locksmith Tweezers | Mr. Locksmith Burnaby

Best Locksmith Tweezers | Mr. Locksmith Burnaby For further info and to purchase the Locksmith Tweezer go to Mr. Locksmith Burnaby. This is the best locksmith tweezer I have ever used and a “must have” for new and experienced locksmiths. The tweezers are made of stainless steel and the tip of the tweezer has been milled […]

Vancouver 4 Days Hands-on Insitutional Locksmith Training | Mr. Locksmith

Vancouver 4 Days Hands-on Institutional Locksmith Training | Mr. Locksmith To Sign-up for The Professional Certificate in Institutional Locksmithing go to Mr. Locksmith Training. The Hands-on and On-line Professional Institutional Locksmith course provides you with a comprehensive knowledge of Institutional Locks. 4 Days Hands-on Locksmith Training: Vancouver BC. May 8-11, 2017 – Monday to Thursday (10am-3pm) […]