Antique Chinese Puzzle Lock – Mr. Locksmith Burnaby

Antique Chinese Puzzle Lock: Terry Whin-Yates, president and CEO of Mr. Locksmith shows us an interesting piece of a padlock. It is an Antique Chinese Password Padlock. It contains Chinese characters on the inside, that if lined up properly structures a popular poem in the Chinese community. Here is the video:   @mr.locksmith Antique Chinese Puzzle Lock. […]

How To Duplicate a Broken Key – Mr. Locksmith Burnaby

How To Duplicate a Broken Key: Terry Whin-Yates the President and CEO of Mr. Locksmith shows us how to duplicate a broken key. Although it can be done through the key’s code, Terry shows how it can be done manually on a key machine. Let’s take a look at how perfectly he’s performed it:   @mr.locksmith […]

Opening A Safe Using A Safe Auto-Dialer – Mr. Locksmith Burnaby

Opening A Safe Using A Safe Auto-Dialer: If your safe is locked out and no longer have the passcode, you have a few other options in order to open it. Using an automatic Dialer to open a safe is definitely one of them – yes, even if you’ve forgotten the combination. A Mr. Locksmith crew opened it in […]

Mr. Locksmith’s Rewards For Himself – Mr. Locksmith Burnaby

Mr. Locksmith’s Rewards For Himself: Terry Whin-Yates, president and CEO of Mr. Locksmith, shows off his reward for himself for his hard work. What is it? Some new tools! It is a pliers and a wrench in one single tool and he’s giving a heads up of an upcoming video about it. Check it out!   @mr.locksmithNew Tools! […]

Locksmith Near Me Coquitlam

Locksmith Near Me Coquitlam For further information go to Mr. Locksmith Coquitlam Need professional locksmith advice? Call Mr. Locksmith now and book your appointment. Need your lock re-keyed or need house lockout services in Coquitlam? We’re here for you! Call 24 Hour Mr. Locksmith Coquitlam whenever you need locksmith service. We are available 24 hours a […]

Mr. Locksmith Port Moody 604-239-0983

Mr. Locksmith Port Moody 604-239-0983 Why choose Mr. Locksmith Port Moody? Locked out? Need keys? If you need a lock change or a locks re-key, Mr. Locksmith is here to help you when you have a home security issue. We are your 24-hour emergency locksmith. Whether you need just new keys or a new high security […]